Chisty Basha
Division G Director

Chisty Basha is currently serving as the District 126 Division Director-Division G. He has been a Toastmaster since 2018 and has served in various leadership roles in District 98 including past Area Director. At the Club level, he has been a President, VP Education, and Sergeant at Arms.
Chisty is a member of a corporate club in Hyderabad. He joined Toastmasters to be a better orator and an exceptional leader and owes his growth to the many mentors and great leaders at Toastmasters. Professionally, Chisty works as a Scientific Liaison and has over 18 years of Industrial experience. He also represents his firm at various scientific gatherings as a subject matter expert in the field of Oncology and Vaccines. Chisty is a Roadie and loves to explore the country side to unravel and understand the cultural diversity and enjoy the various cuisines on the road.