Akhilesh Morishetty
Club Growth Manager

Akhilesh is currently serving as the Club Growth Director, District 126. He has been a Toastmaster since June 2015. At Club level, he served as President, VP Education, Sergeant At Arms and currently serving as Treasurer. He served as an Area Director in District 98 for the term 2020-21 and Division Director in District 126 for the term 2022-23.
Akhilesh is currently a member of Stagecoach Hyderabad Toastmasters in Hyderabad. In his Toastmasters journey, he discovered his interest for networking, empowering others and has contributed to numerous events at Toastmasters. He loves to share his learnings with his mentees fellow Toastmasters, colleagues and friends. He feels it’s a unique platform which gives him the opportunity to learn from others in every meeting.
Professionally, Akhilesh works as a Lead Information Security Engineer at Wells Fargo.
He loves to travel with his wife & friends, to play cricket and badminton whenever and wherever possible. He likes gardening and tried hydroponic gardening at his home.
His favorite past-time is spending time with his 2 nieces.
Akhilesh Morishetty