Manideep Kanagala, DTM
District Parliamentarian

Manideep has been immersed in discovering himself in the world of Toastmasters for more than 9 years. Helped charter 15 high-performance clubs in Divisions EFGH, served as Club Sponsor and Mentor. As the Area Director during 2019-20, he has supported all active clubs in E1 to achieve President Distinguished status and successfully led the first of a kind and biggest PR event in our District.
DTM Manideep has been awarded as the District leader of the year for his service as Division Director in District 98 for the year 2020-21. He played an instrumental role in the chartering of the world’s first Telugu Toastmasters Club and served as its charter President.
When he’s not attending Toastmasters meetings, he loves to run marathons or lead expeditions to the Himalayas. A passionate advocate for saving lives from road accidents. An ardent believer of the philosophy “To Live and Let Live”.
Manideep Kanagala
Manideep Kanagala