Jagadek Meesala
Area I1 Director

Jagadek is currently serving as the Area I1 Director, District 126. He has been a Toastmaster since July 2021. At Club level, he served as VP Education and VP Public Relations. He served as an Area PQ Team member in District 98 for the term 2021-22, Division Marketing Manager for Division A, District 126 for the term 2022-2023. Served in various offline events and conferences including PR Chair for Euphoria 2023, PR and Flag March Team member for Jubilance 2023. He has been a podium finisher in Division Evaluation Contest and Area TableTopics Contest.
For his proactiveness and dedication towards Toastmasters, he has been awarded with Toastmaster of the Year, Golden Feather and PR Stalwart awards.
Jagadek is currently a member of KIET Toastmasters in Kakinada. For him, Toastmasters is a place where he can get 360 degrees evaluation, which in return letting him to be a better public & professional speaker and leader. He strongly agrees to the fact that Toastmasters is the only platform that has given him that added courage in whatever task he takes up and has been a strong pillar of constant encouragement and assistance. He also says that he has been blessed with an extended family named Toastmasters, that is giving him tremendous support every time and everywhere. 
Jagadek is a B.Tech 4th year student at Kakinada Institute of Engineering and Technology (KIET), Kakinada in the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Jagadek loves to work on Machine Learning & Data Science and is very confident that his approach and usage of the technologies he knows can solve many societal and real-world problems. In his free time, he likes to read books, create content on YouTube and write blogs on technologies and self-development on LinkedIn and Medium.
Jagadek Meesala