Mayuri Assudani, DTM
District Administration Manager

Mayuri is currently serving as the District 126 Administration Manager. In 2022-23, she served as D126 Public Relations Manager. She has been a Toastmaster since January 2017 and has served in various leadership roles in District 98 including past Area Director, Division Director, Division N PR Manager and District Chief Judge. At the Club level, she has been a President, VP Education, VP Membership, and Sergeant at Arms. She achieved the title of Distinguished Toastmaster in 2019 in the traditional education program.
Mayuri is a member of two community clubs in Nagpur, India. She joined Toastmasters to be a better leader and owes her growth to the many mentors she has learnt from, at Toastmasters. In her Toastmasters journey, she discovered her passion for public speaking, empowering others and has contributed to numerous Training Programs at Toastmasters. She has been featured twice in the Toastmaster magazine, once under the section Snapshot in June 2021, for a Metro Meeting that she helped organize in Nagpur, and once under Travelling Toastmaster in the December 2022 issue.
Professionally, Mayuri works as a French language Teacher and Trainer and has over 27 years of teaching experience. She has been taking online classes since a decade now. Mayuri loves to travel and collects souvenirs from everywhere she goes. She always carries the Toastmaster magazine and promotes Toastmasters through her photos.
Her favorite mantra … If not now, then when?
Mayuri Assudani, DTM