Kalpana Chandika, DTM
Division G Director

Kalpana is currently serving as Division G Director, District 126.She has been a Toastmaster since 2020. At the Club level, she has been a President, VP Education, VP PR and Sergeant at Arms. She has helped in chartering of two clubs and last year coached a club successfully. She achieved the title of
Distinguished Toastmaster in 2022. Kalpana is a member of a corporate club in Hyderabad.
She joined Toastmasters to be a better communicator and leader and owes her growth to her mentors at Toastmasters. In her Toastmasters journey, she discovered her passion for public speaking, empowering others and has contributed to numerous Training Programs at Toastmasters. She passionately shares her learnings with fellow Toastmasters, colleagues, and friends.
Professionally, Kalpana is an IT Engineer and has over 17 years of experience. Kalpana is a passionate dancer and has been learning, performing and teaching Andhra Natyam (The classical dance form of two Telugu states) for two decades.
Her favorite past-time is spending time with children and her family.
Kalpana Chandika, DTM